Hit & Release

[It is suggestion of "Hit & Release" with Hookless Fly.]

Many of you may know Catch & Release . But you might not be familiar with "Hit & Release" That is because I made this term. Just as this term says , you release the fish the moment you land it . But why would you do such a thing ? Yes , there is no hook on the flies . This may sound stupid , but try it ! it's just like playing with fish using a "hookless fly" When you cast the "hookless fly" to the point , a trout will bite it . But you must not respond to it ; you just leave it alone . The fish won't spit the fly out , so you'll be able to 'play' with it for a while . You won't hurt the fish , and moreover, there is no need to brag about the size of the fish you caught . A true feeling of togetherness with nature ! What a nice feeling this is !! How about it , everyone ? You can use all of the fly fishing tackles you own . Of course , a special tackle of your own is good , too . Pursuing an ideal action of casting with a rod is also good as well . The tippet must be thin as possible ; the fly pursues a natural taste . Just thinking about it is fun , isn't it ? So how about a different way of fishing ( without catching ) by trying "Hit & Release" ? If you're already an angler doing Catch & Release , then you'll be sure to understand this new method . Enjoying nature like bird-watching . "Hit & Release"


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